1-30-15 Nicole Sandler Show – Low Life Scum

It's Protest Friday as Nicole Sandler looks at the nearly extinct First Amendment right to peaceably protest with activists Kevin Zeese and Medea Benjamin, both of whom were exercising their rights this week. Nicole's Tom Petty interview from April 1999 is today's Flashback Friday feature!

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Giving Tuesday

I like the concept of "Giving Tuesday" - especially in the wake of the crass commercialism of the past few days (not to mention the coming three weeks!).  Today, we'll be giving lots of stuff to  Women in Distress here in South Florida. I encourage you to find a great organization to give to today - perhaps check out Ellen Ratner's Goats for the Old Goat - and,  of course, your giving is always welcome here to help support our work at Radio or Not! Today, I was joined by an old friend of the show, Kevin Zeese. He's one of [...]

Life in an Alternate Reality

There are some people who just see conspiracy theories everywhere they go.  Alex Jones, for example, finds an alternative for every official piece of information every day. Whether he believes his own bullshit or not is irrelevant; he has lots of followers who do. The same goes for Glenn Beck  who lives in Glenn Beckistan - an alternate world where he knows everything, despite what is true in our world. In short, Beck is convinced, despite reports to the contrary, that this Saudi national is an al Qaeda operative who successfully recruited the Tsarnaev brothers to carry out the Boston bombing and now [...]

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Allen West Must Go

The hate-spewing war criminal from South Florida was at it again this weekend, claiming exclusive rights to this country for his right-wing intolerant, selfish, racist, violent bretheren. I hadn't yet seen it when some mentally challenged friend of a right-wing email buddy of David's hit "reply all" and sent the email to him, complete with this brilliant subject line: Allen West, Congrassman from Fla blasts the commi's If that doesn't tell you enough about West's constituency, here's how the body of the message read: Rep. Allen West - "Obama, Reid, Pelosi, get the hell out of the USA" - 28 [...]

The Beginning is Here

A sign I saw in Washington DC's Freedom Plaza read "The Beginning is Near!".  It's obviously a play on the paranoids' "the end is near" theme.. but it was wrong. The Beginning is HERE! This morning on the show, I told about my trip to DC to participate in the Take Back the American Dream conference, sponsored by the Campaign for America's Future, Rebuild the Dream, and MoveOn.org, plus the Stop the Machine - Create a New World October2011.org occupation of Freedom Plaza.  I was straddling both worlds of the progressive movement to change this country for the better... I [...]

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