Death, Taxes and The Donald’s Duplicity: Who Wore It Better?

    916 million USD prime dollars. Of IRS deductions that could last until his Trump Squad of lawyers cannot run out the election clock any further. The New York Times' Susanne Craig was gifted with much of this info by snail mail … three whole juicy pages on Trump's 1995 taxes… Bouyah! An old school reporter's request (and some to-be-determined hands of 'fate') brought her the Get of the season. She aptly titled the revelatory article published on Sunday, "The Time I Found Donald Trump’s Tax Records in My Mailbox" A manila envelope led to old-style investigative journalism involving a [...]

Giving Tuesday

I like the concept of "Giving Tuesday" - especially in the wake of the crass commercialism of the past few days (not to mention the coming three weeks!).  Today, we'll be giving lots of stuff to  Women in Distress here in South Florida. I encourage you to find a great organization to give to today - perhaps check out Ellen Ratner's Goats for the Old Goat - and,  of course, your giving is always welcome here to help support our work at Radio or Not! Today, I was joined by an old friend of the show, Kevin Zeese. He's one of [...]

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