7-3-19 Nicole Sandler Show – Joy-Ann Reid Actually Came on My Show

   It's the day before Donald Trump usurps the 4th of July for his own personal aggrandizement. It's a perfect time to talk to Joy-Ann Reid about her new book, "The Man Who Sold America." Of course, I have a few things to challenge her on. **Post show note - I've known Joy since her time here in South Florida when I beat her out for a job at WINZ radio. We were never friends and, frankly, I'm surprised she came on the show. I read much of her book, and was doing a standard interview when I decided [...]

Royal Baby-Free Zone

I love babies.  But I don't get the American obsession with the newest member of the luckiest sperm club in the world.  So, the title of this post is the only mention you'll get here concerning the baby born yesterday in London.  I don't think royalty has any place in our 21st century reality. Today on the show, I paid tribute to the late Helen Thomas by re-broadcasting the two interviews I was fortunate enough to have conducted with her - both from my days at Air America Radio. The first one was originally aired on October 7, 2009. It [...]

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