It’s the day before Donald Trump usurps the 4th of July for his own personal aggrandizement. It’s a perfect time to talk to Joy-Ann Reid about her new book, “The Man Who Sold America.” Of course, I have a few things to challenge her on.

**Post show note – I’ve known Joy since her time here in South Florida when I beat her out for a job at WINZ radio. We were never friends and, frankly, I’m surprised she came on the show. I read much of her book, and was doing a standard interview when I decided to ask her why she and MSNBC are always dissing Bernie Sanders. It devolved from there when she wouldn’t admit that the DNC had its hand on the scale for Hillary Clinton and worked from the start to undermine Bernie’s campaign.

And no, it didn’t work out fine for both of us, just saying…. I stand by everything I said on today’s show.