How Many Deaths Will It Take Till We Know That Too Many People Have Died?

We celebrated my daughter's 14th birthday this weekend.  As I was flipping through the TV channels Saturday night while hearing the giggles coming from the gaggle of girls at the sleepover party in the other room, I happened upon CSPAN's live coverage of the NRA Annual meeting.  I didn't linger on the channel long enough to hear the lies and misinformation from the speaker at the podium.  But I did, for a moment, think about the 20 little ones, pictured above, who will never see 14, and realized how lucky I am to have a happy, healthy, living child. Last [...]

Mayday Mayday!

It's the first day of May and, yes, we do need help.  The inmates seem to be running the asylum.  People like Michele Bachmann have got to go, so that's why I spoke with Jim Graves this morning. Jim Graves jumped into the race late in 2012, and came thisclose to sending Michele home to Marcus.  This time, he's in early, and stands a really good chance of making Congressman Bachmann history. I was so impressed with every answer he gave to every question I asked! I hope you'll take the time to listen to our conversation.  In the meantime, [...]

A Dog Lover, A Muslim, A Gay in the NBA..

  Yes, we talked about all three of those topics and more on today's show. I am the dog lover. The pups pictured above are mine.  Unfortunately, one of them is very sick.  Pooh Bear was diagnosed on Thursday with osteo-sarcoma - bone cancer. Of course, this has led me to a few days of reflecting on the dogs in my life, and how much they've all meant to me.  More coming on that eventually. In the meantime, we're keeping Pooh as comfortable as possible, watching her for guidance on what to do next... I was joined in the first [...]

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