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Yes, we talked about all three of those topics and more on today’s show.

I am the dog lover. The pups pictured above are mine.  Unfortunately, one of them is very sick.  Pooh Bear was diagnosed on Thursday with osteo-sarcoma – bone cancer.

Of course, this has led me to a few days of reflecting on the dogs in my life, and how much they’ve all meant to me.  More coming on that eventually. In the meantime, we’re keeping Pooh as comfortable as possible, watching her for guidance on what to do next…

I was joined in the first hour today by Dean Obediallah – comedian and co-director of the upcoming documentaryThe Muslims Are Coming!”, who wrote an op-ed entitled “I’m Muslim, and I hate terrorism” for CNN.com.  Yes, it was an interesting conversation that I hope more people are having these days.

After the news from Victoria Jones at the Talk Radio News Service, it was time for our weekly recap of the Sunday talking head shows, brought to us by Nicole Belle of Crooks and Liars:

I’ve been watching the Sunday talking head shows for eight years now.  Eight years of John McCain. Eight years of Bill Kristol.  Eight years of George Will.  And Brit Hume.  Lindsey Graham. Peggy Noonan. It’s the same people having the same conversations.

Need proof?  John McCain still wants war.   And so does Bill Kristol.

Lindsey Graham is still calling for more investigations—this time over what he calls intelligence failures in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings.  I don’t think he cares about investigating intelligence failures that led to invading Iraq.  Funny, that.

Speaking of Iraq, Republican operatives in the media have been trying desperately to rehabilitate George W. Bush’s reputation with his library opening this week.  But amazingly, former Bush staffer Matthew Dowd and George Will just weren’t going along with the program.

However, former British prime minister Tony Blair clearly was still with the program, saying it was impossible not to like Bush personally, even if you disagreed with him.

And credit where credit is due: Matthew Dowd chastised Congress for caring more about their personal flight delays than dead children.  I have a feeling he’s going to be drummed out of the Republican Party shortly.