12-12-21 Nicole Sandler Show – Monday Memories & Thanks to Anne Rice

Download here or click below to play, (or watch the video at the bottom of the page!) It's a mixed-bag kind of Monday. There's a lot going on that should be discussed, and the guest I had lined up had to cancel today, so it's just us. A day without a guest gives me time to get to some of the stories I've missed in the last week, and to take calls from listeners. A few things on my list of topics today: Shake-ups at all three cable news giants- will this usher in a new era? LOL Gavin Newsom [...]

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2-12-15 Nicole Sandler Show – Throwback Thursday: War & Smut Edition

Nicole Sandler with soldier Sidney Pittman in Dharhan, Saudi Arabia - Dec. 18, 1990 Yes, I really did go to Saudi Arabia. I was on the ground in Dharhan for just about four hours on Dec. 18, 1990, as producer of the Mark & Brian Show.  It was a month before the official start of "Operation Desert Storm". Last night, while going through some boxes in search of another blast from my past (more about that in a bit), I came across my typewritten journal of that trip. I'll be posting the text and more pictures separately as [...]

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