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It’s a mixed-bag kind of Monday. There’s a lot going on that should be discussed, and the guest I had lined up had to cancel today, so it’s just us. A day without a guest gives me time to get to some of the stories I’ve missed in the last week, and to take calls from listeners.

A few things on my list of topics today:

Shake-ups at all three cable news giants- will this usher in a new era? LOL
Gavin Newsom proves that California did right by keeping him in office. He strikes back at SCOTUS beautifully!
Time Magazine named its Person of the Year, and I’m confused
Tornadoes demolished entire towns in five states this weekend, killing upwards of 100 people
Author Anne Rice died, and I have a story about her… actually about one of her books. And I’m sure it’s not what you think it is, unless you were a Mark & Brian listeners in LA in the early 90’s.

To hear the whole story about Anne Rice, listen to what’s posted below. The original segment from the Mark & Brian Show in May of 1993, culminating with an in-studio interview with Anne Rice in October of that year.

And here’s today’s show..