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Here is how the Los Angeles Times framed Jebya Bush’s effort to look presidential by taking a Very Important trip overseas to prove his global cred:

Jeb Bush makes it through Europe unscathed, if not more popular at home

Here is the first paragraph of that “news” report:

When he flies home from here Saturday, Jeb Bush can boast that his ripple-free trip to three European nations this week proved he is capable of striding without stumbling on a global stage.

Here is how the L.A. Times ended their story:

To the extent Bush needed a whiff of fresh air and a chance to reset his campaign ahead of his kick-off speech in Miami, his overseas jaunt may prove just the political tonic he needed.

Here’s what really happened:

The former speaker of the Polish parliament resigned after making the statements in the screen grabs above and below:

Jeb Bush Poland 2

Here’s what Jeb Bush said, the day after the former speaker of the Polish parliament resigned over his statements describing his country’s ties to U.S. “losers” as “bullshit,” “worthless,” and as Poland giving Americans a “blow job”:

“It’s clear to me that he’s a strong believer in strong ties with the United States.”

But the L.A. Times says Jebya arrived back home “unscathed.” Here’s how Politico assessed his unscathed-itude:

Jeb Bush Poland 3

Lawrence O’Donnell and his “Last Word” panel also had a different take on another part of Jebya’s Big Overseas Adventure. The MSNBC headline of this segment is “Jeb Bush raises eyebrows with Russia remarks“:

Steve Clemons on Jebya’s remarks about Russian President Putin:

“I thought for awhile that Jeb Bush may have had more strategic depth than he has… I think it was one of the most inane things that a candidate could run forIt was a very weird comment and a very unpresidential one because it shows that he doesn’t understand Russia’s place in the strategic order.

ADDED: Berlin didn’t go too well either. H/t: 

There he is: “Gaffe-free,” “unscathed” John Ellis Bush. Then again, what would anyone expect from a candidate who has chosen George W. Bush and his Band of Merry NeoCons as his foreign policy advisers:

Jeb Bush foreign policy advisors via WaPo