Rep Donna Edwards and Nicole Sandler

The best part of attending Netroots Nation is that I get to talk to so many fascinating people.  I broadcast live from the exhibit hall Thursday morning with a terrific group of guests… and had my tape recorder with me at all times, which came in very handy.

Today on the show, I played my interviews with Congresswoman Donna Edwards, Congressman Raul Grijalva, and The Nation’s John Nichols.

I also played my conversation with Lois Frankel – the second Democratic candidate for congress from Florida’s 22nd district, challenging Allen West.  (Yesterday, we heard my interview with the other candidate Patrick Murphy).

I have one left to share with you tomorrow – Dan Choi.

It makes sense to hold Dan Choi’s interview for tomorrow, as we’ll be talking a lot about the war in Afghanistan.  President Obama will address the nation tonight, and lay out his plans for bringing home the troops.  I’ll be joined by Richard Allen Smith, Vice Chairman of, and Derrick Crowe of Rethink Afghanistan to talk about what we heard.

Today on the show, I shared a few other stories:

No Joke: Sarah Palin Quits Bus Tour Halfway Through and

Evil Twin City: Murphy buys O’Keefe Dinner with “crack pipe” money