I don’t know the answer, but the mistake in Afghanistan will last for, at least, three more years.  In case you didn’t hear the president’s speech last night, you can watch it here:

This morning on my show, I spoke with Derrick Crowe of Rethink Afghanistan and Richard Allen Smith, Vice Chairman of VoteVets to get their opinions. Although their reasons differed slightly, they both agreed with me that the plan doesn’t get our troops home nearly quickly enough.

If you haven’t yet watched Rethink Afghanistan, please follow the link and watch the documentary.  I think that, after you do, you will certainly agree that we’re in a quagmire which we won’t be able to fix whether we stay there another 3 years or another 30.

I make my views crystal clear each morning on my show.  In a nutshell, I’m  truly disappointed that President Obama didn’t use the death of Osama bin Laden as an excuse to stop the killing and bring our military men and women home.  Ten thousand this year and another twenty thousand next year is not good enough.  We must end the madness.

And with all the hysteria over the deficit, the $100 million plus we’re blowing over there every year would certainly be a great deficit reduction tool, don’t ya think?

Also on today’s show, I finished up the last of my Netroots Nation interviews.  Today, it was my conversation with Dan Choi, who is hoping to re-enlist once the last obstacles that are keeping DADT in place are removed. Unfortunately, it looks like we’ll need his services for a very long time to come.

Nicole Sandler & Dan Choi at Netroots Nation 2011

And as he does most every Thursday morning, comedian John Fugelsang joined me to talk about the news, politics, music and whatever else comes up.  He and I both have music backgrounds (he with VH1, and me as a rock & roll disc jockey for more years than I care to remember).  In the final moments of today’s show, we spoke a bit about the loss of The Big Man, Clarence Clemons.   John told us that, although we all know Clarence from Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band, he toured in the first of Ringo Starr’s All-Star bands, and did an amazing rendition of his hit “You’re A Friend of Mine” which he originally recorded with Jackson Browne.  On this tour, the late, great Billy Preston sang the Jackson part.  Just watch and listen to the saxophone brilliance of Clarence..