dog vaccination

Regular readers and listeners know at least three things about me:

1. I love posting letters to the editor, because our voices matter.

2. I resent anti-vaxxers with the passion of eleventy billion white hot suns.

3. I do not tolerate idiocy well, if at all.

For those of you who may have missed this post, please give it a read. I’ll wait: My doctor’s kickass LA Times letter: “Ignorance cannot dictate public health.”

Are you back already? Good, now check out this L.A. Times letter to the editor:

My child is a student at Waldorf School of Orange County, and it’s unbelievable that 41% of kindergartners started the school year unvaccinated. Just recently a Waldorf parent told me that no one is talking about the measles epidemic — not one conversation. (“Once easily recognized, signs of measles now elude young doctors,” Jan. 26)

Maybe as a society we value a dog’s life more than a human life.

All dogs in California that are 4 months or older are legally required to be vaccinated for rabies. A law enacted in 2011 allows an exemption for the rabies shot if the dog has existing medical conditions that would further deteriorate its health but requires that the animal be confined to the owner’s home or be kept on a short leash when away from home.

In contrast, a parent of a human child may sign a paper claiming a belief exemption from all vaccinations. Wow.

Gina Piazza, Costa Mesa