I read an article by William Greider in The Nation a couple of months ago that resonated loudly with me. “How the Democratic Party Lost Its Soul” is so spot-on that I’d worked to get him on the show ever since. My persistence paid off when he joined me this morning for a fascinating conversation about the way forward.

She’s History’s Amy Simon joined me in the second hour. As all of the NFL’s domestic abuse problems have been overshadowed by deflategate, we’re reminded that there are bigger issues still to be addressed. While some of us will pay more attention to the commercials than the actual game, I hope this PSA gets a lot of traction:

A 30-second version of that will air during the game. I guess we shouldn’t expect the NFL to donate a full 60 seconds of ad time. That would cost them too much money. (But it might save a few lives.)

Amy told us about a new documentary that investigates nationwide complaints of sexual assaults on college campuses scheduled for a CNN airing and a theatrical release later this year called The Hunting Ground. Among the incidents detailed is the alleged rape at FSU by Heisman Trophy winning star QB Jameis Winston of a woman who goes public in the film.

Winston was just “cleared” of all charges, and will forgo his senior year at FSU to turn pro. You may now vomit.

And while some of his former co-stars and family members continue to defend him, yet another woman has come forward to tell her sickening story of being drugged and raped by Bill Cosby. Where there’s this much smoke, there’s an inferno.

Tomorrow, Kevin Zeese will join us, fresh from his protesting at the TPP hearing in the Senate Finance Committee. And we’ll segue into the weekend with another Flashback Friday musical blast from my radio past, radio or not!