I know the big fucking deal signing happened on Tuesday, but it was actually last night that the House had the final vote on the final health care reform reconciliation bill that President Obama will finally sign into law early next week. It still blows my mind that the wingnuts talk about “ramming” it through, after more than a year of debating, fighting, town hall meetings and back and forth bickering. Now it’s up to us to stay on top of our elected officials to make sure they live up to their pledges to make it better!

I ran out last night after the show to go see Lewis Black perform at the Hard Rock here in Hollywood, FL… thus the reason for the delay in posting this blog and podcast!

On last night’s show, we talked about the disturbing trend of threats and violent acts toward Democrats who voted in favor of health care reform, and the disgusting comments by the leaders on the right who are basically blaming us because we’re talking about it!

As for Eric Cantor’s claim that he’s been the victim of threats because he’s Jewish(!), and that a gun shot had been fired through his office window…well, it’s been debunked!  Apparently a random shot was fired into the air (certainly not a good thing), and it came down into the window of an office in a building in which Cantor’s campaign leases.

I was joined on last night’s show by Florida State Senator Dan Gelber (D-MB), who’s running for Attorney General. Our current AG, Bill McCollum (who’s running for Governor) has spearheaded the effort on behalf of 12 state Attorneys General to challenge the Health Care Act on the grounds that it’s unconstitutional.  Gelber introduced an amendment to derail McCollum and keep him from spending FL taxpayer dollars on this frivolous lawsuit.

While I had him on the phone, I asked him to shed some light on the Marco Rubio/Charlie Crist match-up. Dan has an extensive history with both of them, as he served as Florida House Minority Leader while Rubio was the Speaker.  And there’s more… Yes, I live in Flori-DUH, where the Senate yesterday passed a truly heinous piece of education legislation that will do away with tenure and base teachers’ pay on their students performance in the state standardized tests.

We finished the week with laughs about the events of the week with the wonderful John Fugelsang!