The party of  No is now the party of hate and intimidation.

At least ten Democratic members of the House have been the targets of threats since Sunday’s vote on health care reform, with even Sarah Palin getting in on the act. She actually had the audacity to tweet the message  “Don’t retreat. RELOAD.”  That message directed her readers to her Facebook page where she posted a map of congressional districts she planned to target, and does so with gun crosshairs!

Tonight, I was joined by Christy Harvey of the Center for American Progress and, who told us about a neanderthal by the name of Corey Poitier who’s running for Congress (in MY district!).  This sorry excuse for a wanna-be politician was delivering a speech against the health care reform bill Monday night to Broward County Republicans. During the speech, Poitier addressed the President by saying ‘Listen up, Buckwheat…’

But that was tame compared to the death threats being phoned in and sent to Democratic members of Congress who voted in favor of health reform. I spoke with Christy about some of those stories, and continued the conversation with Jess Levin of Media Matters for America.
If you wonder where the people who are issuing these threats get there ideas, you really need look no further than the toxic hosts who “entertain” on right wing talk radio.  I put together a little mashup of some of this week’s hot air… Click to listen to the Right Wing crazies.
The always outspoken Brent Budowsky joined me in the second hour of tonight’s show to talk about the health care legislation, as well as the hate and death threats, and his latest column for The Hill, “The Female Century.”