Very few things make me as crazy as hearing a climate denier. But that’s what happened on Friday of last week, as my usually “reasonable Republican” friend John LeBoutillier outed himself as one!

You can hear the segment here, but be sure to watch your blood pressure!

This morning, I was ready! I invited RL Miller, co-founder of Climate Hawks Vote to join me in schooling Mr. LeBoutillier on the facts about climate change. I’m not sure he learned anything, but I was happy to debunk his ridiculous denials. I even spent way too much time before the show this morning putting together a climate denier vs fact montage. Feel free to share liberally!

Every Friday morning, we spend the second hour getting ready for the weekend, using some gems from my music radio archives to segue into the weekend with music, shaking off the stress.

Today, it was a double-header from my days at KSCA – fm101.9/Los Angeles. (Follow the link to see the website, one of the first radio station websites in the country! A listener archived most of the site here.) First up, an early 1997 visit with Keb’ Mo’

Nicole Sandler & Keb' Mo'

Nicole Sandler & Keb’ Mo’

Alison Sandler with Keb' Mo'  2004/Boston

Alison Sandler with Keb’ Mo’ 2004/Boston


That was followed by a late 1996 session with the BoDeans (no pix with the band, sorry!).

Both are still recording and touring and are awesome (as you heard on today’s show).

I’ll be back Monday to take on a whole new week, radio or not!