Since this campaign began, I’ve been the dutiful responsible voter. All in for Bernie Sanders. But as a FloriDUH resident, I understand that the difference between a Donald Trump or  Ted Cruz presidency and anyone else just might come down to this insane state. I’ve said that, if Hillary Clinton is the nominee, I’ll vote against whoever the GOP nominee is.

She may just have changed my mind for me yesterday, when she had the unmitigated gall to say this:

“That he would place gun manufacturers rights and immunity from prosecution against the parents of the children killed at Sandy Hook is just unimaginable to me.”

The video is here. Cue in to the 8:20 mark to hear the final straw that broke my camel’s back.

Yes, she broke my proverbial camel’s back.

I promise, you won’t find anyone more anti-gun than me. I wouldn’t even let my kid play with gun shaped water shooters when she was a kid. This is a gun free zone. For over a decade, every time some crazy person with a gun goes on a shooting spree, I play “If It Were Up To Me” by Cheryl Wheeler. Yes, I’d take away the guns. 

Would I love to see the gun manufacturers sued for the deaths of all the lives they’ve taken. You bet your ass. But the way to do that is to make them illegal!

The manufacturer of the AR-15 broke no laws. The gun was used exactly as it was intended to be used. In what universe would a lawsuit be successful? 

Bring back the assault weapons ban, and make those weapons of war illegal. Then we  can talk lawsuit.

But for members of Congress, who are too chicken shit to actually vote for an assault weapons ban, to blame Bernie Sanders because he said that the gun makers (who legally make their legal products that were used exactly as intended), is what’s unconscionable.

In the wake of that, and her campaigns assertions that it will now 

disqualify him, defeat him and unify the party later

good luck with that. You just added another soon-to-be-former-Democrat to the #BernieOrBust rolls.

If she wins the nomination and wants my vote, she’s going to have to do some major acrobatics to get there. Actually, the damage is probably too great.

This is all of her making.  To continue with the animal analogies, a zebra doesn’t change its stripes!

 The embed isn’t working, but do click here to watch an illuminating clip

“I think that I have a lifetime of experience that I will bring to the White House. I know Senator McCain has a lifetime of experience to the White House. And Senator Obama has a speech he gave in 2002,” Clinton says.

Rachel Maddow:

“This is what you say if you want to be McCain’s choice for Vice President. It is not what you say if you are running for the Democratic nomination.”

Keith Olbermann:



What’s really funny is that I found that clip on John Aravosis’ blog at Americablog (which used to be good). Aravosis and I had a bit of a Twargument in which he went overboard in defending her atrocious behavior. I guess some leopards can change their spots after all.  He seems to have deleted our conversation (not that I expended a lot energy to find it), but there’s lots more on his offensive Twitter stream in the rubber/glue vein. 

Today on the show, we talked about all of this and then some with Harvey J. Kaye in hour one, Howie Klein in hour two.

Is it November yet?

Tomorrow, John Nichols and Lee Camp join in the conversation, radio or not!