I always look forward to Fridays for the obvious reasons: the weekend and emptywheel.net‘s Marcy Wheeler!
Marcy  and I have a standing date every Friday to discuss the week’s happenings in Trump Trial and other national security and other news of importance.
Today we speak on the morning after President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, likely the last time before the convention that he’ll have the opportunity to speak to the nation and the world.

My quick review? He hit it out of the park, exactly what we needed at this juncture.

Marcy Wheeler is a self described SOTU fan, so we begin with her thoughts on what happened last night.

Of course, we’ll also bring you the latest news in insurrectionists, the extreme court, and lots of other somewhat related news to complete the hour.
But today is SOTU Bonus day. After Marcy leaves, we’ll go into overtime!