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If I didn’t have a guest booked for today’s show, I would have taken the day off. American society is irredeemably broken and I fear we long ago passed the point of no return. I mourn the medium I fell in love with decades ago and devoted my adult life to. It’s gone. An anachronism. So, I’ll try to move on, and celebrate the fact that I had some wonderful years in radio before the powers that be destroyed it. At least we have the internet, for now, anyway.

I’m looking forward to today’s guest. Alexis Coe is a presidential historian. Her latest book is called You Never Forget Your First: A Biography of George Washington. She had me at the innuendo… I’m sure we’ll talk about more than the very manly, tall and obviously well-endowed “father of our nation”.

Have a great weekend. I’ll see you Monday!