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We missed Howie Klein last Thursday because we were knee deep in the shortest impeachment trial in history. I know there have only been four, but c’mon now.

Anyway… Howie’s back today, and we have lots to discuss, including a big story at about the need for Biden to cancel all student loan debt. That was one of the subjects that dominated yesterday’s show. We may disagree on it, though I’m in research mode.

In fact, I found a great video that explains the crisis perfectly.

But I can guarantee you that Howie won’t come on my air and liken me or anything I say to Rush Limbaugh, who died yesterday, and was still the dregs of the earth.

Texas is frozen, people there are dying and Ted Cruz flew to Cancun… and is returning this afternoon with his nose between his legs… California is recalling Gov Newsom, NY is investigating Cuomo, and Florida counties who criticize Gov MoRon DeathSentence are being threatened by the governor with “no vaccines for you”.

Welcome to the Thursday edition of the Nicole Sandler Show…

We did get things started with a classic from Roy Zimmerman. This one is a few years old, but still works as we say good bye to Rush Limbaugh.


And here’s today’s show, via YouTube