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Well, we made it though my first week on the air from Arizona, but Gym Jordan didn’t! He’s toast. And with no Speaker (and no nominee either), the Republicans did what they do so well… adjourned, and left for the weekend. Seriously. They’ll allegedly regroup on Monday with a new set of Speaker wannabees… It’s not like there are any pressing issues here and around the globe that need immediate action or anything. JFC.

It was a busy week, and I’m thrilled to welcome Marcy Wheeler of back to the show. Since Marcy is in Ireland and I’m here in AZ, we recorded today’s conversation at 9am AZ time. Given how quickly the news changes, it’s no surprise that there was some breaking news between when we recorded and when it airs at 2pm AZ time, but most of it remains quite timely and important.

What changed? Gym Jordan was told, unequivocally, by his caucus that it was time to abandon his quest for the Speakership. And Hamas released two American hostages they were holding in Gaza- a mother and daughter.

Now settle in, as Marcy has the mic for the hour….