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As yesterday’s show ended and things got going this morning, it appeared likely that the House would do some kind of deal to make Speaker Pro Tempore Patrick McHenry the temporary Pro Tempore Speakers or some other such made-up title to get past this mess that’s never before occurred in history! So I planned to ask Howie Klein to tell us all we need to know about Patrick McHenry, but now it appears that deal is dead. And there’s Disorder in the House yet again!

A lot can change by the time Howie joins us this afternoon, but rest assured, we’ll bring you the latest up-to-date news as we try to figure out what’s going on…
It is Thursday, so today, Howie Klein re joins the show, as we are now live from Arizona.

I spoke about a piece Howie wrote about the situation in Israel/Gaza with Hamas. I said you should read it. You can do that here.

Also too…. Howie told us more than we probably wanted to know about Patrick McHenry, the erstwhile temporary Speaker pro tempore. But if you do want more, there’s tons of it archived on the old  In fact, I did the search for you. Just click here.