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It’s open enrollment time for Medicare again, and no doubt you’re already sick of those damned TV ads for Medicare’s so-called Advantage plans. Make no mistake, there’s no advantage to these plans, unless you stay completely healthy. Once you get sick, the DISadvantage becomes more than apparent.

Unfortunately, as we get older, we have more health challenges. But instead of making things easier on seniors, a new provision has gone into effect that allows these companies to put you into these (dis)advantage plans without even telling you they’re doing it!

Since open enrollment began Saturday, I figured today would be a great day for Wendell Potter to return to the show. He was VP/Communications for Cigna whose responsibility it was to debunk the facts about how the for-profit health insurance industry is failing us. He became the industry’s first -and to this day, still the only whistleblower. Subscribe to his newsletter at