This weekend, we’ll see the media reporting on two disasters. I wonder which one will get more coverage?

Sunday marks the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. The devastation to New Orleans could have been avoided, yet apparently not much has been done to make sure there’s not a repeat.

On Saturday, some of the nation’s most ignorant and intolerant will gather in Washington DC to desecrate the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at the place he delivered, and on the 47th anniversary of his “I Have A Dream” speech.

Glenn Beck is a fear monger of the worst kind.  Like a televangelist who preys on the weak and the elderly, Beck rewrites history and gets the lemmings how follow him to believe his manic lies.  He says of his “Restoring Honor” rally, “it will be a “historic” day that will mark a “turning point in America” that your “children will remember.”

Yes, two disasters converging in one weekend.

We dealt with the disaster that is Glenn Beck on yesterday’s show, with Eric Boehlert of Media Matters. (Scroll down to yesterday’s entry to hear that interview.)

Today, we’ll talk about Katrina and New Orleans five years later with Mother JonesMac McClelland, who’s back where she was when the hurricane hit.  Today, she’s already posted two stories that we’ll discuss:  “Sticking a Happy Face on Katrina” and “Found: BP’s Missing Oil.”

And while we’re on the topic of BP, we’ll make it a Mother Jones double-header today, as Kate Sheppard will also join in to talk about her latest piece in the Sept/Oct issue, “BP’s Bad Breakup: How Toxic is Corexit?” and, if time permits, I’ll ask about “What Does the Alaska Senaet Race Mean for Climate?” too.

As always, we’ll check in for a report from the Talk Radio News Service at the top of hour two.

And we’ll close out the week with a visit from comedian John Fugelsang.  There’s no shortage of stuff to talk about today, as this week has given us Ken Mehlman coming out, the Beck disaster mentioned above, Alan Simpson’s “310 million tits” comment, the primary elections that gave us Rick Scott,Ben Quayle, John McCain (again) and probably Joe Miller as candidates, and so much more….