It was my final day filling in for Gloria Neal on AM 760 in Denver, Colorado.  While I sat in the studio of their sister stations in South Florida, I heard the newscaster talk about wet snow falling in Denver and surrounding areas.  Snow! On October 4!  I guess I’m glad I live in South Florida, sort of.

Anyway, it was a busy show…

In the first hour, I was joined by Harvey Wasserman of  As you can probably tell by now, I’m on a quest to make sure as many people as possible know about the disastrous situation at  Japan’s crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant and the dangers that lie ahead as TEPCO attempts to removed the fuel rods from the cooling pool that’s sitting 100 ft above the ground in the damaged building of reactor #4.

I urge you to click here to listen to the first hour of the show, including my interview with Harvey Wasserman, follow the link to, read the articles and sign the petition to get the best nuclear scientists in the world involved in the clean up effort.

In hour two, I was joined by Congressman Jared Polis who represents Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District. We talked about the shutdown, the coming up debt limit fight and Thursday’s shooting in the first segment.  Then we moved on to fracking and how the problems by the recent floods were exacerbated, education and more.  Listen to the second hour of the show here.  

In hour three, we continued the fracking discussion with Richard Heinberg – senior fellow at the Post Carbon Institute and author of 11 books, including his new book, Snake Oil: How Fracking’s False Promise of Plenty Imperils Our Future.  The rest of the hour was spent taking listeners calls..  Hear the third hour by clicking here.

I’ll be back at my regular perch here at radio or not Monday morning..