It’s Tuesday, the day before the day before Thanksgiving, and today I’m very thankful that I won’t be traveling very far.  The weather is lousy, flights are being cancelled left and right, the roads will be a mess. Yes, for once I’m thankful that I’ll be here in FloriDUH.

Actually, I will be on the road for about an hour in each direction tomorrow afternoon, heading up to West Palm Beach to Randi Rhodes’ studio to guest host her show, but more about that tomorrow…

This morning, I spent the first hour of the show talking about some news stories I found fascinating…

For instance, the Catholic League needs a sense of humor.  Apparently Dan Savage’s appearance Friday night on Real Time with Bill Maher was the final straw for the Catholic League’s Bill Donahue, who wrote a letter to HBO’s parent company demanding that they cancel the program!

The board of directors at Time Warner cannot distance themselves from Bill Maher any longer. On Friday night, Maher teed up Dan Savage, another anti-Catholic bigot. What happened was particularly vicious.

Maher commented on gay couples who adopt children, alleging that a Hawaiian bishop said these kids had a greater chance of committing suicide. Here is how Savage responded: “That’s total bulls***. He’s confusing children of gay parents with children who are raped by Catholic priests. Sorry, I am just done being lectured about children and their safety by Catholic-f***ing bishops, priests, cardinals.” Shortly thereafter, Savage again remarked about “kiddie-f***ing Catholic priests.”

We are sending to every member of Time Warner’s board of directors a copy of 54 anti-Catholic statements made by Bill Maher on TV

[click here to read the report]. Friday’s show concluded the season. The time has come to close this show once and for all.

The takeaway from this is the “report” – which lists 54 jokes made by Maher (or a guest of his) at the expense of the Catholic church.  They actually had someone sit through all of Bill Maher’s shows, going back to the 90’s and “Politically Incorrect” – and transcribe every “anti-Catholic” joke.  Wow, these people need to get a life, and a sense of humor.

Yesterday, President Obama delivered a speech on immigration reform in San Francisco, where he was heckled by an activist imploring him to use his executive powers to stop deportations.

He’s saying the right things. Unfortunately, his record speaks differently.  As ThinkProgress reports,

In spite of Obama’s theoretical commitment to less deportation, the Obama administration is on track to deport two million undocumented immigrants — a milestone that would surpass the deportation numbers of any other president.

We took a side trip into Opposite World, with a clip from last nights’s Sean Hannity TV show in which Ann Coulter, commenting on the Iranian nuke deal, said

“Democratic presidents go around creating crises in the world, and then Republican presidents have to deal with it.”

Too bad there wasn’t a real interviewer asking her questions, because I’d love some examples.  Hell, I’d be happy with one!  I googled “worst presidential foreign policy mistakes” and the results were overwhelmingly George W. Bush.  It seems that we’ll be dealing with the crises he created for many, many, many more years…

In response to some listener suggestions that I get Marianne Williamson on the show, as she’s announced her candidacy for Congress, running against 40-year incumbent Henry Waxman from California, I put in a request, and pulled out an old interview I did with her.  It was the only time I’d ever spoken with her, and it was almost five years ago…  December 30, 2008, just weeks before Barack Obama’s inauguration, and we were all full of Hope and Change.  Very interesting to listen back to that snapshot in time.

Finally, Brad Friedman awoke early today to join us to talk election issues, filibuster reform and a whole bunch more.  Although he and I kid one another, he’s a dear friend, and I believe the work he and Desi Doyen do (at both BradBlog and the Green News Report) are vitally important.  If you have a few extra bucks to spare in the coming year, after you’ve contributed here of course, please help support their great work too!

Tomorrow – the day before Thanksgiving – while many Americans will be navigating planes, trains and/or automobiles, I’ll be doing a double header.  On my show tomorrow morning, I’ll be joined by Crooks & Liars’ Susie Madrak, and, to tell us about the final installment in his series about the diaries of Abu Zubayda, Jason Leopold.

Tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be in for Randi Rhodes, talking with guests and taking your calls.  After all, someone’s gotta do it!