It’s a holiday that none of us will ever see again, as Thanksgiving and Hanukkah won’t arrive on the same date again for another 78,000 years or so.  So, let’s celebrate!

On the show, I talked about a few things for which I am very thankful.

As I adopted my daughter Alison 14 years ago this month, and November is National Adoption Month, I once again welcomed my friend Robert Lamarche to the program.  We first met seven years ago when he contacted my show to ask if I’d consider a segment on adoptions… and we’ve talked every year since.  If you have any questions about adoption, please click on the link to get in touch with Rob.

Susie Madrak joined in to talk about the big news of the day about the Pope’s condemnation of unfettered capitalism, trickle down bullshit and the massive economic inequality that’s destroying not only this country, but the world!

And Jason Leopold checked in as his final installment of the Abu Zubaydah diaries is published.

I’m off until Monday.. In the meantime, have a happy, fun, and joyous Thanksgivukkah!

Original Post:

I’m heading up to West Palm Beach to guest host the Randi Rhodes Show today.  A little late in posting… Will get everything up later.

In the meantime,  check out Jason Leopold’s work on the Abu Zubaydah diaries here