11-30-20 Nicole Sandler Show – Tracing the Crazy Back to Brad Friedman

Download here or click below to play     I have not been closely following Donald Trump's myriad of lawsuits filed by his crack legal team of Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis and Sydney Powell because it's all so ludicrous. There is simply too much actual important information I need to stay on top of. So, the "elite strike force" hadn't commanded too much of my attention-- well, except for the parts blaming Hugo Chavez for fixing the vote and the black crud leaking from inside Rudy's head-- until I had a conversation with Brad Friedman. Brad has been doing intrepid [...]

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The Day Before the Day Before Thanksgiving

It's Tuesday, the day before the day before Thanksgiving, and today I'm very thankful that I won't be traveling very far.  The weather is lousy, flights are being cancelled left and right, the roads will be a mess. Yes, for once I'm thankful that I'll be here in FloriDUH. Actually, I will be on the road for about an hour in each direction tomorrow afternoon, heading up to West Palm Beach to Randi Rhodes' studio to guest host her show, but more about that tomorrow... This morning, I spent the first hour of the show talking about some news stories [...]

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Occupy the Ballot Box

                      Today, Republicans are voting here in Florida. I couldn't vote as I'm most certainly not a Republican! But I did talk with two occupy protesters today - one in DC and one in Oakland - both of whom seemed to understand the need to occupy the ballot box. First up, I spoke with Eric Loetke, a PTA dad and Occupy DC protester.  Although the DC Parks Police issued a deadline of noon yesterday for both encampments at McPherson Sqaure and Freedom Plaza to be cleared, the police have yet [...]

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7-22-10 Nicole Sandler Show live from Netroots Nation

I was finally able to get online long enough to upload yesterday's show... My guests included BradBlog's Brad Friedman, Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas, Alaska blogger/broadcaster Shannyn Moore and Mudflats' Jeanne Devon, Senatorial candidates Scott McAdams from Alaska and Rodney Glassman of Arizona, DFA executive director Arshad Hasan, Netroots Nation exec director Raven Brooks, Democracy Now's Amy Goodman and more... More to come soon...

Netroots Nation with Markos Moulitsas & Brad Friedman

The biggest challenge for me at Netroots Nation is not my broken foot, but the fact that it's been impossible to get a decent internet connection.  But I keep trying, and am finally available to, slowly, get the podcasts uploaded (I hope!). I'll podcast the whole of yesterday's show shortly, but wanted to get this interview with Markos & Brad up first...  Enjoy!

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