Et tu Ohio?

Let's get this straight. The labor movement has been invigorated by Wisconsin's dictatorial governor's war against unions.  The fabulous 14 state senators left the state to prevent a vote that would kill the unions' collective bargaining rights, further energizing the left across the nation. Walker's trying everything to either get the 14 back (threats, intimidation, withholding pay, etc) or to figure out how to change the rules so they don't need 3/5 of the Senate present for a quorum. Meanwhile, Walker's BFF John Kasich, governor of Ohio, just may have stolen ol' Scotty Walker's thunder. The Ohio state senate yesterday [...]

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Tuesday Talking Healthcare!

I spent the morning following the tweets from protesters in DC who tried to place the extortionists masquerading as health insurers under citizens arrest, and an hour this afternoon (that I'll never get back) watching two clowns each trying to get something out of the other on Faux News.  I only hope that Eric Massa's VA healthcare has good mental health coverage, because he's having a massive meltdown. But the show started with a conversation with Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty law Center about their new report "Rage on the Right," issued last week, that that details an explosion [...]

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