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This was a surreal week. It was the week in which Glenn Beck admitted that we were right! This was the week that saw Fox's Shepard Smith speak the truth about Iraq instead of simply repeating the neocons talking points. It was the week in which right wing shill and apologist Mark Halperin called out Paul Bremmer for being the war monger that he is. It was the week that saw Faux News Channel's Megyn Kelly emerge as the one who took on Dick Cheney! Speaking of Dick and his evil spawn, Tina Dupuy wrote a great column explaining the [...]

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

{play}{/play} Podcast: Play in new window. I say it all the time.  Some of the shit that's going on is so utterly unbelievable that it couldn't be fiction, because we'd never buy it.  But Mitt Romney is surrounding himself with the same war-loving Neo Cons who enabled the madness of President George Bush II. As I welcomed The Nation's Ari Berman to the show this morning, I warned that his new cover story, "Mitt Romney's Neocon War Cabinet" is more frightening than any horror movie you'll see at the local multiplex.  In fact,  you might not want to read this [...]

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