6-21-21 Nicole Sandler Show -Four Americas (and We Can’t Get One that Works?) with George Packer

Download here or click below to play, (or watch the video at the bottom of the page!)     My guest today is George Packer - journalist, novelist, author, playwright. He writes regularly for The Atlantic, and just published a new book, Last Best Hope: America In Crisis and Renewal. In it, he suggests we are in a state of a cold civil war between four factions who share virtually no overlap: Free America, Smart America, Real America and Just America. I'm not sure I buy into his theory as I don't fit into any of those categories. But he [...]

3-19-21 Nicole Sandler Show – Wrapping Up Another Week with David Dayen & Boca Brit Somers

Download here or click below to play, (or watch the video at the bottom of the page!)     We're 8 weeks into the Biden administration and things definitely feel different. But how much has changed? We'll check in today with David Dayen, executive editor of The American Prospect, where they're reporting on all the administration is doing. But we'll start with the place I live, FloriDUH and our moRonic governor Death Sentence. Unfortunately, the slimy politics neither begin or end with DeathSentence... he's just our current sideshow. My friend and neighbor 'Boca' Britany Somers joins me to help tell [...]

2-28-20 Nicole Sandler Show – Friday Fun with Boca Britany Somers

Download here or click below to play   With bad news about the coronavirus, stock market crashing, and Donald Trump dominating the news, I thought it was time for a break. So my old friend Boca Britany Somers joins us today in studio. She'll bring some of her best comedy bits. And we'll also cover the latest news so you're well-informed

2-23-18 Nicole Sandler Show – Friday with Boca Brit Somers

"Boca" Britany Somers joins Nicole Sandler in studio today to talk about a protest she's organizing against the AK-47 manufacturer moving to Broward County, FL, the site of the Parkland school shooting, and more...  

7-26-17 Nicole Sandler Show – Vote-a-Rama, Military Transgression & Ratf**ked Too

Nicole brings us up to date on the senate voting to repeal the ACA. "Boca" Britany Somers weighs in on Trump's Tweets banning transgender people from the military, and Dave Daley, author of Ratfucked: Why Your Vote Doesn't Count tells us how gerrymandering will make it difficult for Democrats to take back control of Congress.

2-2-17 Nicole Sandler Show – Really Bad Reality TV

It's Thursday, so Howie Klein was with us. Before the show, he joked on Twitter No, I'm not going to discuss the $1.6 billion bribe to Trump on @nicolesandler's show today-- unless she forces the issue. https://t.co/8GpW6hAEgS — Howie Klein (@downwithtyranny) February 2, 2017 When I asked him about that, his mood changed as he explained that he received a threatening phone call telling him to take down that post. The call came from an unknown person, to his unlisted number. These are scary times. But as Howie reminded us, last week, 35% of Americans said they already wanted to [...]

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