Remembering Angela McCluskey On and Off the Air

It was the beginning of July 1994. I had just made the difficult decision to walk away from a very high-profile gig producing the #1 morning radio show in Los Angeles. I had spent four years with Mark & Brian, a rewarding job that started out as loads of fun but became less fun as time progressed and is a story for another time. Thankfully and luckily, I landed at the perfect place. I had planted the seeds some months earlier while watching the rise of a new radio format that was actually about the music – good, quality [...]

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Emptywheel Friday and an Overtime Salute to Angela McCluskey on the Nicole Sandler Show 3-15-24

 Wild Colonials Angela McCluskey, Paul Cantelon with KSCA's Nicole Sandler at Tower Records Sunset Blvd **Echo at the start of the video is fixed in a minute. Sorry about that!** Fridays are special aside from the obvious reasons. Marcy Wheeler, an independent journalist who covers legal and national security issues better than the corporate media at, is our standing date to wrap up every week. Today we'll talk about the breaking news out of Fulton County, GA where Fani Willis will remain on the case as long as Nathan Wade doesn't, from NY where DA [...]

RIP Angela McCluskey

Wild Colonials Angela McCluskey, Paul Cantelon with KSCA's Nicole Sandler at Tower Records Sunset Blvd I'll update this post later when I have time to really gather my thoughts and write a fitting remembrance of one of my favorite people in the world. Angela McCluskey was truly the life of every party and we shared some great times. We lost her yesterday, and I'm still reeling. I thought I'd share one of the Wild Colonials appearances with me on KSCA fm 101.9 in Los Angeles. This was December 9, 1996. Enjoy. Thank you Angela for your friendship [...]

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Independence, War and Music

Angela McCluskey & Alan Cummings saying Yes to Scotland independence   Each Friday, we wrap up the week of shows with a journey into my musical past. Today, we mixed up past and present with a conversation with my old friend Angela McCluskey. For the past portion, we ventured back to August of 2000 for an interview I did with her then-band, Wild Colonials and heard their always-brilliant performance. Angela joined me via phone from her current home in New York to talk about life, music and the vote for Scottish independence.  As a native of Glasgow, Scotland, [...]

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