Emptywheel Fridays on the Nicole Sandler Show 4-12-24

I am honored that the independent national security journalist Marcy Wheeler, whose original reporting you can find at emptywheel.net, joins me on my show every Friday for an hour-long discussion of the news that matters and, for the most part, hasn't been reported accurately or with enough urgency elsewhere. Today, in addition to preparing for Monday's beginning of jury selection in the NY fraud case involving the payoff to Stormy Daniels, I was thrilled to be able to congratulate Marcy for her journalistic prowess! She went the extra mile to intervene in a CIPA case in 2022 that now [...]

It’s Emptywheel Friday on the Nicole Sandler Show 4-5-24

   We couldn't end the week and usher in the weekend properly without a visit from Marcy Wheeler of emptywheel.net. As she does each Friday, Marcy will walk us through the latest developments in Trump Trial World, including the batshit whack-a-doodle-ness of Judge Aileen Cannon who is doing TFG's bidding so much to his liking that he publicly promised her a Supreme Court nod if he's somehow re-elected. As someone suggested last week, the subtitle of this show is "You can't make this shit up!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npEM065Ckak

Emptywheel Fridays on the Nicole Sandler Show 3-22-24

 Marcy Wheeler reports the important news daily at emptywheel.net. She joins me on Friday's to recap what the highlights (and lowlights) from the week. Today, the latest Comer farce impeachment inquiry hearings and the various pending cases against him. Plus NBC News' latest hire and more... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eeBbFesbmVY&t=1185s

Emptywheel Friday and an Overtime Salute to Angela McCluskey on the Nicole Sandler Show 3-15-24

 Wild Colonials Angela McCluskey, Paul Cantelon with KSCA's Nicole Sandler at Tower Records Sunset Blvd **Echo at the start of the video is fixed in a minute. Sorry about that!** Fridays are special aside from the obvious reasons. Marcy Wheeler, an independent journalist who covers legal and national security issues better than the corporate media at emptywheel.net, is our standing date to wrap up every week. Today we'll talk about the breaking news out of Fulton County, GA where Fani Willis will remain on the case as long as Nathan Wade doesn't, from NY where DA [...]

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