Bye Bye Breitbart

Andrew's yesterday's news.  Now, it's all about Rush Limbaugh's asinine bombastic spewing from the mouth.  But I wanted to give Breitbart a proper send-off.  After today, I'll not speak of him (until the coroner's report comes out and my thoughts are confirmed, or not). Anyway, after confirming the details of his death shortly before showtime yesterday, I played a few short portions of my appearance with him on the Marc Germain Show on Talk Radio One on October 8, 2008.  Although we had never spoken before, the two of us were invited on to debate the presidential debate between Barack [...]

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Adios Andrew, We Knew Ye All Too Well

I admit that, at first, I didn't believe the news.  The headline on Brietbart's site,, proclaimed In Memoriam: Andrew Breitbart (1969-2012). I figured it was another attention grab from the ultimate attention whore who would say anything, no matter how bombastic, inflammatory or just plain mean-spirited, usually in the form of a lie, to garner media attention. He was a narcissist first, right wing mudslinger second. So, when the news  broke on his own site, confirmed early on by only his friends and employees, I figured it was another one of his awful stunts - he'd soon be retweeting [...]

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Sending Allen West Packing, and Breitbart too

My highest priority in Nov 2012 is making sure Allen West is sent home.  That guy should be in a military brig, and certainly nowhere near a congressional office.  Thankfully, we have two Democrats vying to unseat him.  Last week, at Netroots Nation, I had the opportunity to speak with them both. This morning on the show, I played my interview with Patrick Murphy, a first time candidate for public office.  Tomorrow morning, we'll hear my interview with former West Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel. I'll save my comments for after tomorrow's show, and after you've had a [...]

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Tony Curtis & Me – The Thursday Nicole Sandler Show

RIP Tony Curtis.  Yes, there's a story to go along with the photo.  From 1990-1994, I produced the Mark & Brian Show at KLOS in Los Angeles.  Each year, we'd put on a ridiculously extravagent Christmas show.  Tony Curtis had appeared on the show to promote his book and, if memory serves, he returned to read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" at the Christmas show. Tony took a liking to me.  His publicist must have given him my phone number, as Tony was relentless in his pursuit.  I finally had to tell him that I simply wasn't interested.  He took [...]

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