Andrew’s yesterday’s news.  Now, it’s all about Rush Limbaugh’s asinine bombastic spewing from the mouth.  But I wanted to give Breitbart a proper send-off.  After today, I’ll not speak of him (until the coroner’s report comes out and my thoughts are confirmed, or not).

Anyway, after confirming the details of his death shortly before showtime yesterday, I played a few short portions of my appearance with him on the Marc Germain Show on Talk Radio One on October 8, 2008.  Although we had never spoken before, the two of us were invited on to debate the presidential debate between Barack Obama and John McCain that had happened earlier that evening.

It was during yesterday’s show that I decided to come in for a rare Friday show, and play the whole appearance in its entirety, as a way to show why I had formed such a low opinion of the man.  As I said yesterday, I don’t believe in whitewashing a man’s life just because he died!

(By the way, prior to this morning, my Friday mornings for the past 6 years were occupied by a part-time job. I voice tracked weekends for a music station in Des Moines.  That ended yesterday with a phone call telling me the station had gotten the money to hire someone locally, which is a good thing. I’m happy for them – but sad for me.  I could use another paying gig!)

Anyway… In addition to playing the appearance I mentioned earlier, I reached out to our host that evening, Marc Germain, for a quick conversation.  And I read Matt Taibbi’s very honest and, in my opinion, quite generous obit of Breitbart, “Andrew Breitbart: Death of a Douche!”.

And I finished up with the reason we will get to see what killed Andy, as there are lots of sycophants out there claiming Obama had him killed.  Here’s a sampling:

There are lots more where those came from!

Once you stop laughing, please remember we have a big week of shows coming up again next week.  I’ll be back Monday morning, 10am ET …. radio or not!