For a president-elect who wouldn’t answer questions from the press in six months (his last presser was July 27!), Donald Trump is making us dizzy with with the number of confirmation hearings all scheduled at the same time. Can you say “he doesn’t want us to hear the answers”?

There were a few wonderful moments, like this from Elizabeth Warren while questioning Ben Carson, who’s nominated for Secretary of Housing and Urban Development…

Have I said lately that this is going to be a long four years?

Howie Klein is back!!  In addition to blogging at Down with Tyranny and running the Blue America PAC, Howie Klein is the most traveled person I know. He was gone for the past three weeks, visiting Thailand. He wrote about it and many of his previous travels on his Around the World blog. Click over to the link and live vicariously through him. Or decide where you want to go after reading his blog, then check out Work Away, and find a place that’ll offer you room and board for some work in exchange!

Note: When I mentioned Work Away on the show today, I couldn’t remember if it was .com, .net or what…  It’s actually .info. I did look to see what was, and found it’s a site promoting hotel work in the US for citizens of other countries. Something’s fishy there. I’ll have to investigate and let you know what I find….