Quite a show today…

David Dayen, who always does a great job covering the news for FireDogLake, joined me near the top of the show to give the details on yesterday’s passage of HR3 – the anti-choice bill – by the House of Representatives.  Sixteen so-called Democrats joined with all the Republicans to limit women’s rights to control our own bodies.

Where are the jobs, Mr. Boehner?

Jason Leopold, deputy managing editor of Truthout.org, has done extensive investigative reporting on Guantanamo Bay, including exclusive interviews with former guards and detainees.  He joined the show this morning to cut through the lies about the intelligence that led to Osama bin Laden’s killing.

And comedian John Fugelsang joined in to end my broadcast week with some laughs about the news.  When I asked him to comment on the Allen West clip in which he said that his female supporters need to help build up the men who “fight for them”… that those “women on the other side  the Planned Parenthood women and the Code Pink women” were “neutering men”.  And that if women made men “subservient to them” the debt would continue to rise, John explained it all by claiming “Allen West has a very small penis.”

Thanks John, that explains so much!