A busy day for me, as I’m guest hosting the Randi Rhodes Show again today (through Thursday)… So, let’s get right to it.

On both shows, we’ll address President Obama’s Labor Day preview of what he’ll give us on Thursday by way of a jobs plan.  And we’ll look at Teamsters’ chief James Hoffa’s speech at yesterday’s labor rally featuring the president in Detroit and how Fox blew it all out of proportion.

On my show this morning, I’ll talk with listener Susan Shaffer about two things she brought to my attention.  The first having to do with Sen. Marco Rubio’s widely reported comments about Social Security and Medicare weakening people by taking responsibility away from families and churches – and how they seem to have come directly from Franklin Graham!

The main reason I invited Susan on this morning is to talk about a project she launched: The Postcard Project to Help Stop the Tar Sands Keystone Pipeline. Basically, she wants us to swamp the White House with postcards (especially those with oil spill photos) over the next couple of months to get them to kill this proposed pipeline.

In hour two, GottaLaff joins from The Political Carnival with these stories and more:

CNN fails to post video of Rick Perry floating idea of raising Medicare age to “69 or 70?

Quickie- Flashback 2005: ACORN and Rick Perry passed a bill together

PhotOH! If you don’t understand what the Tea Party means when they say “we want our country back”…

VIDEO: Tar Sands Pipeline Protests Fail to Move White House

Sarah Palin ignores comedian’s “special needs” joke at tea party event (ADDED: Video of her speech) (I have my Palin short version)

Details on today’s Randi Rhodes Show coming soon…  To get you started, Richard Eskow of the Campaign for America’s Future will join in at 3:30ET to talk about “Labor day: A Day to Rest, Remember, and Act – for ‘Entitlements’ and Jobs“.

A brilliant op-ed by former GOP staffer Mike Lofgren appeared at Truthout.org on Saturday and immediately went viral.  He’ll join me at 4:30 ET to talk about “Goodbye To All That: Reflections of a GOP Operative who Left the Cult“.

And our friend Brad Friedman of Brad Blog is all over the news today for his explosive two-part series for Mother Jones: “Exclusive Audio: Inside the Koch Brothers Seminar”.  He’ll tell us about it at 5:30 ET today…