Our president once again did exactly what John Boehner told him to do.  When does this guy stand up for a decision?  I can’t believe I’m even saying this, but I agreed with Joe Scarborough this morning. (cue in to around the 7:30 mark to hear him actually make sense):


If you just couldn’t bear to watch and listen, I can’t say that I blame you. But here’s the gist of what he said:

Scarborough: “If this were a Republican president, I’d be telling him ‘Be a man’, and deliver the speech wherever you want to deliver the speech, and tell the Republicans to go to hell. And I’d start the speech by saying ‘Ladies & Gentlemen, I come to you tonight because we’re in the middle of a great national crisis… I was hoping to go to the People’s House to deliver this message to you … but unfortunately… partisans in Congress will not let me go to the People’s House to talk to you about what I consider a grave national crisis.’  That is the message a strong president delivers, and he takes… the intransigence and the extremism of this opponents and uses that in his favor.   But this president has no sense of how to make people pay for their mistakes.

He also, at some point this morning, exclaimed that Lyndon Johnson would never have stood for the lack of respect that President Obama is somehow accepting.

I don’t think I’ve ever agreed with Morning Joke before, and certainly have never quoted him.  Pay attention, as it’ll likely never happen again.  But on this one, he was right.

And to all of President Obama’s defenders who are again using the “he was acting like the adult in the room” line:  I am an adult with a willful 12 year-old daughter who is constantly making petulant demands on me.  The adult thing to do in those situations is to say NO. Not to give in to the spoiled child.

In this case, the Republican leadership is the House of Representatives is showing what spoiled brats they are, and the president is enabling them.  What he should do is take away their TV and ground them for a month.

At least Obama’s Justice Department finally did something right. They filed a lawsuit yesterday to stop the proposed AT&T takeover of T-Mobile.  Tim Karr of FreePress.net joined me this morning to talk about it.

And in the second hour, actor and comedian Rick Overton visited.  He told us of his great experience on The Green Room with Paul Provenza in which he got to make his idol, Jonathan Winters, laugh.  He also told us about the Zeitgeist Media Festival, coming up next week…

I’ll be taking Labor Day off, but working doubly hard next week, as I’ll do both my show and Randi Rhodes‘ Show Tuesday through Thursday.  Talk to you then, radio or not!