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Marc Bonilla, Nicole Sandler, Kevin Gilbert KLOS Mark & Brian Christmas Show 1990 I'll never forget how I got the news that Kevin Gilbert had died. It was May 18, 1996. I had been out late that night, and returned home to an answering machine flashing with messages. One was from Doug Buttleman, Kevin Gilbert's and Toy Matinee's manager; another from Mark Bonilla, Toy Matinee's brilliant guitarist. We'd all become good friends through the Mark & Brian Show. Both messages were of an urgent nature, asking me to call whenever I got in. I somehow already knew what [...]

10-2-18 Nicole Sandler Show – Tuesdays with @GottaLaff

Every Tuesday, GottaLaff joins Nicole Sandler for a discussion of the news of the day as gleaned from Laffy's Twitter feed in her "Tweet Spot"- today it's the latest on Brett Kavanaugh, the accusations and the FBI investigation.

Nicole Sandler Show – What You’re Seeing & Reading IS What’s Happening with @GottaLaff

Despite D'ump's Orwellian pronouncement that "what you're seeing and reading is not what's happening," Nicole Sandler is back to tell you that yes, indeed, it is exactly what's happening. Since there was no show yesterday, GottaLaff joins Nicole today for her Tweet Spot and the rest of the news.

Nicole Sandler Show – We Got Lucky, Tuesday with @GottaLaff 9-12-17

We got very lucky. I live in Coral Springs, FL. It's Northwest Broward County, just east of Ft. Lauderdale. Thankfully Hurricane Irma only knocked down a bunch of tree limbs and took out some screen panels in our back yard over here, and we escaped unharmed. I wish the rest of the state could say the same! So, I was back on the air today to tell my Irma tale. Today is Tuesday. Our pal GottaLaff joins me every Tuesday to share some of the best Tweets she finds in her Tweet Spot. So today, we were back to business [...]

4-4-17 Nicole Sandler Show – Time to Shutter Fox and More Truths with @GottaLaff

Via Nicole, today's show: Fox News and its "star" "personality" Bill O'Reilly have something in common with the president in addition to their propensity for making shit up: they're all sexual harassers. All have been sued numerous times for their illegal and unwarranted advances on women, with Fox and O'Reilly ponying up many millions of dollars to settle with a number of them. And now advertisers are fleeing! For some unknown reason, Fox just signed O'Reilly to a new $18 million a year contract, even as the new allegations pile up. I guess it's a good thing he makes that [...]

3-7-17 Nicole Sandler Show with Laffy– Another Wacky Weekend, and Women Too

Via Nicole: It was another crazy weekend in Trump-land. From his Saturday morning Twitter tirade to Monday’s Muslim Ban 2.0 and the “American Health Care Act” revealed – @GottaLaff & I discuss it all. Amy Simon of She’s History joins in to tell us about Women’s History Month and International Woman’s Day, happening tomorrow along with “A Day Without A Woman” – the International Woman’s Strike! She’s performing her one-woman version of She’s History in Los Angeles on March 18. Tell Amy you heard about the show here, and she’ll give you half off the price of your ticket! Tomorrow, I’ll [...]

12-30-16 Nicole Sandler Show – A Fitting End to a Shitty Year

  I did a show today. I wasn't here yesterday or Wednesday, as I wasn't doing well. More about that in a moment, but first I must explain why, although there was a new show today, there's no podcast. YouTube would not connect, and I tried for almost an hour. So, keeping a positive attitude, I just realized today's show was to be audio only. The software that I use to stream audio always usually records a copy of it -- as long as I remember to type the date and start the recording process. When I forget to do that, I'm [...]

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