Donald Trump Jr. said what?! Here we go again.

Yesterday, I posted Memo to Team Trump: “Don’t make comparisons to Nazi Germany” in which I spotlighted a deplorable statement made by deplorable Donald Trump Jr. Well, here we go again. This time the focus is on a very sexist 2011 tweet by a very sexist Don-Don Jr. Big hat tip to a pal for this one, who aptly said to me in an email, "He's a little sh*t off the old block, ain't he?" Enjoy: Ever notice that if u get a herd of mothers together they arent physically capable of talking about anything but birth pregnancy & diapers? — Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) [...]

Memo to Team Trump: “Don’t make comparisons to Nazi Germany”

Donald Trump Jr. made a deplorable statement today. The immediate backlash was deafening. Here's an example: Everybody knows to what @DonaldJTrumpJr was referring when he mentioned ‘a gas chamber,’ and there’s only one word for it: deplorable. — Eliot Engel (@RepEliotEngel) September 15, 2016 Well, apparently not everybody: @GottaLaff why? It wasn't that long ago the state used gas chambers to kill the condemned. But that doesn't fit the spin? — Mary (@ScribbledPink) September 15, 2016 @GottaLaff @BreakingNews Death penalty only for Jews? Didn't know ?? Educate yrslf/get serious — Deplorable Eyes? ? (@Birdseyeview_8P) September 15, 2016 @GottaLaff only uptight [...]

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