It can.. I know that music certainly helps me when I’m feeling off. After hearing about a murder trial that some misguided members of the media decided to call the “Loud Music Trial” (instead of the Jordan Davis murderer trial), I decided to turn the spotlight on how music is helping raise money for some truly progressive candidates.

The Blue America PAC just wrapped up a truly special fundraiser for Congressman Alan Grayson.  Grayon’s favorite artist is Joni Mitchell (click through for my print interview with her from a few years back), so all who donated to his campaign through Blue America during a certain time frame were entered in a drawing to win one of four limited edition art prints. 

Blue America often has these great musical prizes up for grabs to contributors, courtesy of Howie Klein – who runs the Blue America PAC along with Digby and John Amato. Howie spent most of his adult life in the music business. When I met him almost 20 years ago, he was president of Reprise Records, and had already spent many years at Sire, 415 and other record companies. Needless to say, Howie has amassed quite the collection of musical memorabilia that he’s putting to good political use.

He told us that his next musical fundraiser, at the suggestion of Blue America endorsee Congressman Matt Cartwright, will be some kind of Jimi Hendrix collectable, to benefit Congressman Mike Honda of California. Howie said that he didn’t know Hendrix well, but that they traveled to Morocco together and that Howie walked into a room in his house only to find his mother and Hendrix smoking a joint together.  Stay tuned…

GottaLaff joined in today, as she does every Tuesday morning. We talked about some of the stories I hadn’t yet gotten to…  We began with the sickening story about the UN report on the “crimes against humanity” being perpetrated on the people of  North Korea by their “fearless leader”,  Bill Maher’s blog post slamming MSNBC for its obsession with Chris Christie and “Bridgegate”, Jimmy Fallon’s debut as host of The Tonight Show, and a lot more.

And that’s it for the week, as I head out on vacation tomorrow. I’ll be letting music work its wonders on my over-stressed psyche, as I attend my friend Michele Clark’s Sunset Sessions in San Diego, then head to LA to visit friends for a few days.  Filter Free Radio‘s Jacob Dean will fill in for me here while I’m gone. So play nice, and I’ll see you next Thursday!