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Howie Klein of Down with Tyranny and the Blue America PAC is my regular guest every Thursday. Obviously, with this week’s news, there’s plenty to talk about.

But the president refusing to promise a peaceful transferal of power to the next administration upended everything else on Wednesday. The reporter who asked the question was Brian Karem, senior White House reporter for Playboy, a friend of the show.  Brian has a great article up at Playboy today, “An Empty Seat and an Unhealthy Republic.

And we all talked about that new article from Barton Gellman at The Atlantic, “The Election That Could Break America.” If you haven’t already read it, please do now. As Howie said on today’s show, Gellman lays out the worst case scenario. But we should all prepare for the worst, while we hope for and work towards the best…

And for those who like to watch, the video version of today’s show