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It’s the start of another week of The Nicole Sandler Show. As she does each Tuesday, GottaLaff joins Nicole to shoot the shit about the news, which today includes Corey Lewandowski testifying before the House Judiciary Committee, Trump threatening war against Iran, and the world is gearing up for climate week. Strap in, here we go.

Today was another double-header as I guest-hosted the BradCast.

Let’s Focus on Climate Week since the Dems Stink at Oversight: ‘BradCast’ 9/17/2019

By Nicole Sandler on 9/17/2019 4:46pm PT

It’s a somewhat dejected NICOLE SANDLER, once again guest-hosting the BradCast.
I’m dejected because of what I saw in today’s House Judiciary Hearing on Trump’s Obstruction of Justice. Corey Lewandowski, the only one of the three witnesses subpoenaed to show up, might as well have stayed home for how forthcoming he was during the hearing. (Read: not at all). When Congressman Cicilline of Rhode Island suggested holding Lewandowski in contempt for his refusal to answer questions, Chairman Jerry Nadler said he’d “take it under advisement”. Seriously? He should have sent the Sargent at Arms to arrest Rob Porter and Rick Dearborn, the two former white house staffers who ignored a congressional subpoena, and arrest Lewandowski for contempt of Congress.

So, let’s talk about something we can change… er… or try to change. This Friday officially kicks off Climate Week with the Global Climate Strike, followed by a week of protests and activities, and the UN General Session and its climate summit. Today, I’m joined by TAMARA TOLES O’LAUGHLIN, North America Director of 350.org who filled us in on many of the events planned for the week and beyond.
To see just how far we’ve come (or, for the pessimists among us, not), I dipped back into my radio archives for a short interview I did with 350.org co-founder BILL MCKIBBEN from October 2009, as the organization was in its infancy, on the eve of the first Global Day of Climate Action. We still have a very long way to go…

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