In the last 24 hours alone, Donald Trump endorsed the repeal of ACA with no replacement, Kris Kobach’s voter suppression commission demands voter data from states (1 by 1 they’re saying no), the WSJ report says Michael Flynn may have been part of effort to get Clinton’s deleted emails from Russian hackers,   Joe Scarborough and Mika Brezezinski say Trump used the National Enquirer to blackmail them, and the  House Appropriations Committee passed an amendment put forth by Barbara Lee to end the 2001 AUMF- now it goes on to full House & Senate.

It’s our last show before the 4th of July, and our nation is in a sad place. My attorney Bruce Jacobs has been fighting the big banks who are taking advantage of underwater homeowners throughout the foreclosure crisis we’re still experiencing, and had been active in the progressive community of South Florida. I invited him on the show today to talk about the sad state of our democracy. Find Bruce Jacobs on Facebook, and at his practice at