Nic and Dick


John Oliver went to Russia to talk with Edward Snowden, and explained the issue of domestic surveillance by bringing it down to a level Americans could understand by making it about who is seeing our dick pix.

Snowden explained that the fact that those working in “intelligence” regularly pass around America’s dick pix “is not actually seen as a big deal.” So much for that American exceptionalism!

I played some clips from last night’s episode of Last Week Tonight before bringing on the actual expert on these things, Marcy Wheeler of (By these things, I mean the Patriot Act and other governmental rules and regulations that aren’t necessarily in our best interests, not dicks — about which Marcy may or may not be an expert.)

 Marcy Wheeler explained on the show and, in greater detail on her blog about “Section 215’s Multiple Programs and Where They Might Hide after June 1” and that, “Yes, Section 215 Might Be Used to Get Dick Pics — or Porn Searches and Dick Uploads.

With all this talk about dick pix, I couldn’t resist sharing my favorites. The one above (that is Dick Van Dyke, in case you couldn’t tell). Then there’s this one. We all knew Dick Cheney was a dick, but I must say, I didn’t realize he was literally a dick head!

Cheney head

And some leftover dick pizza from last week too….

memories pizza dick


On to more serious matters… Tomorrow is the runoff in Chicago’s mayoral race in which the corporate shill, Rahm Emmanuel, will hopefully be defeated by the progressive populist Chuy Garcia! 

My friend Joel Silberman is a consultant, strategist and media trainer, and just returned from six days in Chicago, working with Chuy Garcia, and he told us this morning on the show that Chuy is the real deal.

If you’re in Chicago,  please make this count!! More tomorrow, as David Sirota joins in to tell us about some of the reasons Rahm Emmanuel shouldn’t be mayor of Chicago, and whatever else the day brings us, radio or not…