democracy spring


A good movement with a lousy name is underway in Washington DC. After marching 140 miles from the Liberty Bell to Washington DC, Democracy Spring arrived and began making news. But the corporate “mainstream” media didn’t cover it!

More than 400 people were arrested yesterday, making this the largest action of civil disobedience in the 21st century so far, but (as far as I can tell) not a single network or cable “news” channel covered any of it.

This morning, I spoke with our pal Harris From the Post who was there yesterday (and spoke with us then, briefly, too), and will continue helping the We Act Radio team with their coverage. There’s also lots of live coverage on the YouTube channel. 

I was really excited to speak with John Perkins again today. I interviewed him once before, back in the Air America days. His was one of those interviews that stayed with me because it was, at the same time, fascinating, informative and terrifying. He joined me to discuss his book, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, that essential confirmed all of our most nefarious thoughts about what was killing nations’ economies around the world.

He’s now updated that book in a new edition, The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man that contains the entire first book along with all that’s happened since 2004, and his prescriptions for how “to transform the failing global death economy into a regenerative life economy.” Find out more at

And finally, if it’s Tuesday, we hang out with GottaLaff! Today, we discussed everything from media malpractice in this campaign season to depression. Anything goes on Tuesdays with Laffy.

Tomorrow, it’s Driftglass and Howie Klein Thursday. See you then, radio or not.