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Forty-eight days until inauguration day, which means 48 days till we’re rid of Trump. Sort of.

Unfortunately, things won’t suddenly get better on Jan 20. We’re living in perilous times. Trump seems bound and determined to torch the place on his way out the door, and Biden seems to be drinking from the same well as Obama did, thinking that the Republicans who’ve vilified Democrats mercilessly for the past four years (and more), are all of a sudden going to work with us.

It’s Thursday, so Howie Klein joins in. Check out the new and improved! I’ll try to steer us in a positive direction. But sadly, the only positives coming in big numbers these days are covid-19 tests.

We also heard from Josh Copeland, founder of Local Berniecrats, who called in to remind everyone that now is the time to get on the ballot for your local, city and state elections. We must step up and get involved. Feel free to reach out to Josh with any questions you may have.

I played the newest ad from MeidasTouch today.  You should recognize the voice doing the voiceover…

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