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Today we will talk about political parties and a game, currently in development, that’s a tool to help combat climate change and COVID-19. We’ll start with the game, called The Promised Land, and talk with its developer, Anand Mallik.

Then we’ll check in with David Atkins. He’s a writer (Washington Monthly, The American Prospect) and a California Democratic Party Regional Leader and a recently elected DNC member. I happened upon a lengthy Twitter thread he posted last night about how horribly the DNC is run on every front. Read it here before you listen, if you care to.

Our favorite Trump impersonator J-L Cauvin today gave us another spot-on impression. Moscow Mitch!

And our quarantine calling friend from New Zealand, Shirley Serban has a wonderful new parody

And, as always, for those who like to watch…. the video version of today’s show