This is a number that should induce massive gender-neutral outrage.

According to draft statistics in a CDC study released to The Guardian and offered at Raw Story for our communal horror, the reported amount of women and girls mutilated and

[surviving] victims of FGM in America has shot up from 168,000 to 513,000.

The population of my native state of Vermont is less than that without the seasonal flocks of second-homers.

From the article, an excerpt on why the timing is so meaningful. And the facts so in need of noting and acting on.

Post outrage.

New figures from the Population Reference Bureau, due to be released on Friday – International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation (an annual awareness day sponsored by the UN) – are expected to reflect the draft CDC study, due to be published in the coming months.

The extent of female genital mutilation in the US has been exposed following pressure from campaigners, including a global campaign against FGM led by Jaha Dukureh, a 25-year-old mother from Atlanta, who was cut as a baby in her home country of Gambia. With the backing of the Guardian, Dukureh launched a petition last May successfully calling for a new prevalence study into FGM to be carried out and for a working group to be set up.




“This is a huge moment – once we have proper data we can really start taking first steps to end FGM in the US,” said Dukureh. “I haven’t seen the CDC study but these draft figures appear to prove what we already knew: FGM is an American problem, we can’t keep on ignoring it, we can’t afford to leave these girls at risk.”

The last time I wrote about this, was prior to the arrival of an incredible female on the right side of history, Jaha Dukureh. Change.org was involved in a petition to aid her cause, and grassroots activism culminated in the launch of a key study by the president following a 2014 summit on the atrocities.

Have a look at the video she put together to inform and activate this country about the under-covered issue so close to her heart. It might tear yours up, mine needs a tailor, but better that than the stupefying numbness of the Regressive GOP who See No Evil when it suits.



That this type of savagery has resulted in “the cutting” of approximately half a million females in these United States ought to be as motivating as the beheading of prisoners in countries that openly perpetuate the practice of FGM.

Why do I feel Republicans would only be concerned that the victims weren’t sneaking free baby killing pills?